You don’t have to take the time to wait to own a long hair thanks to hair hooked technique. Proper care will help you keep your hair connected long lasting and smooth, shiny.

Keep the hair clean

Hair stylist Specialists Recommend you wash your Head 3 times a week. Shampoo and Hair balm will prevent the hair from tangled and keep the hair connected always fragrant, soft and smooth.

Shampoo the right way

Your connected hair will always shine and smooth if you know the right combination between shampoo, conditioner and water. You should wash your hair in one direction. You rub the shampoo into the hair from the forehead facing the back to the hairline then use the fingers to massage the scalp, broaching in the direction from the scalp to the hair. Then rinse the hair with clean water as well in this direction. Remember, always comb your hair before shampooing.

Use the Right hair care products

Use specialized shampoo and conditioner for the salon to keep hair hooked. Non-sulfate hair care products have little detergent and make your hair hooked longer lasting. Sulfate in shampoo products produces foam but is a factor that causes your hair to dry off.

Gently comb the head

Brush your head daily with a beam or round comb. Always start combing from the hairline in the scalp to the hair gently and from consuming. One hand you hold the comb, the other hand keeps the hair lightly in the scalp to prevent breakage. You must always keep in mind that combing the head before shampoo and never combing the head when wet hair.

Drying hair Properly

After shampooing, you gently squeeze the water on your hair with a cotton towel and avoid pulling or jerking your hair. When hair is wet, you shouldn’t comb your hair right. Let your hair dry naturally or use a hair dryer to stay in low heat mode to dry your hair. You need to tumble dry in the first hair and then the remaining hair. Your hair must be dry for about 60-75% before you comb the head or styling.

Sleeping Hair Protection

You never go to bed when the hair is wet. You should check that the entire hair connector has been completely dry before climbing the bed. When the hair is wet, the hair cuticle is still open and will cause the hair to break and fracture while you sleep. 7. Preserve the hair with a tet

To protect the hair from ruffled or damaged when you are swimming, exercising or sleeping. Hair stylist Specialists recommend swimming caps for swimming to avoid sea salt or chlorine in the pool as they will cause your hair to be damaged. You should also apply a little conditioner to the hair before swimming to protect the durability of the hair hooked.

Do not pull hair jerking

You should not stretch or jerk strong hair hooked. Instead, treat your hair gently and carefully. Stretching the hair will loose the attachment between the real hair and the hair, causing your hair to be more fractured. 9. No need too worried about hair loss
Hair loss is a normal manifestation of hair so hair hooked will also fall off. Usually, every day we suffer from a loss of about 80-150 strands of hair. The hooked hair that is attached to the hair will also fall as usual despite careful care and the right way.

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