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Vyvyhair.com is the one of Vietnamese leading Company which produce and export human hair all over the world. Over 20 years of experience in hairdressing from a traditional business in Viet Nam. We specialize in supplying products to trading Companies in Viet Nam.

Vietnamese Human Hair by Vyvy Hair Factory

There is an increasing demand in human hair in recent year due to its substantial benefits. Vyvyhair is very honored to be a leading company in human hair industry in Vietnam and one of a trustful provider of Vietnam human hair, Vietnam virgin hair, Vietnam remy hair to all over the world. With superior quality of Vietnam hair, it’s our honour to serve various kinds of hair extension, closure, wig, single drawn hair, double drawn hair. Positive feedbacks from USA, EU and African are great motivation for us to continue popularize our products.

First of all, it can be said that hair extensions are wondrous invention of the world due to huge benefits. It’s really amazing to change hair style, customize the colours, volume, length everyday, everytime you want and your appearance will be spiced up immediately!
Among many options of hair extensions, Vietnam human hair must be the best choice. Vietnamese human hair is distinguished from Brazil, China, Indian with 100% virgin hair, remy hair, soft and shining fibres. The colour of Vietnamese virgin hair, Vietnamese remy hair  are usually in black or dark brown that needs bleaching to serve a variety of colours but the thick and silky fibres are strong enough to apply chemicals and styling. Vietnam hair will be unregretful choice of all women in case of party, prom, dating, festival or just change the look.
Vyvyhair now is the leading supplier of Vietnam virgin hair and Vietnam remy hair that are most required from customers all over the world. Let’s take an insight into these 2 types of hair.
Vietnamese virgin hair by Vyvyhair is 100% collected and sorted out carefully from Vietnamese women hair with high quality. The virgin hair has to be 100% pure natural hair and don’t be treated in any kind of chemicals, bleach leading to the colour is natural and texture is shining, soft and silky, in the same direction and the quality is ensured to be good with minimal degradation, no shedding. Since being made of 100% human hair, the hair can be properly preserved with ease such as washing, combing or using chemicals like real hair of wearers and the hair lasts longer than any other kinds of hair.
Many people get wrong in differentiating virgin hair and remy hair. Vietnamese remy hair is also 100% high-quality human hair and not mixed with any heat resistant fibres or synthetic fibres with beautiful texture, natural colour and same direction. Vyvyhair hair offers Vietnamese remy hair with various styles such as hot steam wavy, deep wavy, fumi wavy, body wavy, loose curly, romantic curly and so on that can delight your appearance gloriously ! The remy hair can be treated in very  little steam processing or styling that satisfy the variety of demand but maintain the best quality of virgin hair. Vietnamese remy hair brings the most natural look, longevity and minimal damage in using and can be styled variously like real hair. Thus, Vietnamese remy hair is the most desirable choice for all women.
Speaking of human hair, customers always face the perceived risk that whether their hair they bought is remy or non-remy which is inferior quality. In fact, some characteristics below about non-remy hair can be beneficial to customers in distinguishing remy and non-remy hair.
Non- remy hair is collected from  hair salons, floors or even hospital so it isn’t in the same texture, tangled and shedding, tough and matte like straws. Moreover, non-remy hair is very cheap due to great sources so if the human hair you bought cost next to nothing, you might receive non-remy hair.
Vyvyhair provides and distributes Vietnam human hair, Vietnam remy hair and virgin hair of the high class that improve your appearance immensely. Let us help you to spice up your appearance though Whatsapp +84 919111919 or fanpage Vyvyhair for more information!

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