“The tooth of the hair is a human angle”, a suitable hair that helps to honor the lines of harmony on the face and create an impression with the opposite person. But not every girl has thick enough hair or length to style it. Therefore, the technology to connect the hair to help the lady “turn” her hair into a smooth, fluffy, dream. Note, the hair hooked like her, so it needs some meticulous care and below will guide hair care that connects properly to possess a healthy, fluffy hair.

Choice of hair Connector

On the market today, the connector hair is produced from two main material is synthetic silk and real hair. The advice given to her is that she is going to choose hair that is made from real hair. The price is a little higher but you will own a beautiful, natural hair like real hair and easy way to take care of the hair connector.

Keep the hair clean

The scalp is where a lot of sweat should be the environment for bacteria to arise moisture from diseases such as hair fungus, inflammation of the hair. So keeping your scalp clean is important by helping to limit dandruff and hair problems. The seams are easier to cling to dirt than the hair usually, so shampoo 3 times a week is reasonable.

Shampoo the right way

Caring for your hair is simple, but not simple, it needs some detail. Hair Connector has connections to connect real hair and wigs, when shampooing you should be aware of avoiding or pulling the hair will stretch and maybe a joint.

Before flushing, you must make sure that the hair is brushed, because the tangled hair that sticks water will be tangled. Give shampoo to the palm of your hand, foam and rub and gently squeeze the hair from top to bottom, avoiding rubbing the scalp with hair.

Note, wash your head with your fingers instead of nails. Hand over the curls with gentle massage to clean the scalp and gently squeeze the hair to the joint. When shampooing you should stand under the shower and let your hair turn naturally down because if you wash your hair down in a steep posture, the seams are prone to deflection.

Comb Hair

To keep the hair connected is always smooth, soft always on the folds, brushing hair is also the art. You brush your head daily with a hair hooked comb. Gently comb from bottom to top, do not pull or jerk hair by easily ditching the joint. And you should remember not to brush your hair when wet, if you don’t want your hair to fall.

Hair Drying

After shampooing, use a cotton towel to dry hair, no hair in the towel by easy to make hair mess. It is best to let your hair dry naturally. Otherwise you can use the dryer, but to in cool air mode. The high temperature of the dryer is easy to damage the joint and cause the hair to dry.

Notice, you need to dry your hair near the joint before then drying up to the rest. And make sure the hair has dried about 70%, you will comb your hair and style.

Protect Hair connector when going to bed

Before going to bed you should force loose or wigs the hair aside to limit the vertical rotation of rotation affecting the joint. And you can wrap your hair in a thin silk towel which also helps to connect with no disturbances during bedtime.

Use Hair Care connected products

The choice of shampoo and conditioner in the hair-care process is very important. It is recommended to use specialized products for the hair connector, not sulfate and have little detergent to preserve the hair connector always soft, beautiful waves.

Since the hair part is dead hair, it is not possible to absorb the nutrients from shampoo or conditioner, so before brushing your hair, you should rinse the hair to protect the surface of the hair strands.

Hair Care Connection by reinfording the right time bond

Reinforced joint is a job and the lady is not forgotten by after 2 to 3 months, the long hair is easy to reveal the seam. You should come to the salon to reinforce to realign the joint, not after the time of use of the connectors can also be rushed, or broken.

To keep your hair silky smooth, it is recommended to get to the hair salon 1 time/week and make your hair dry in cold or steamed ozone mode.

Restriction of use of chemicals for hair connector

At present, the salon usually uses hair to connect the real hair, so can bend, dye, change the type of preference. But the equity of hair connector does not absorb the nutrients that are vulnerable, so you limit the chemical effect into the hair connector to have fluffy, natural hair.

So through 9 steps to care for your hair, you will apply to possess long, soft-connected hair that is long before you.

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