The wigs are now no longer a map only to those who need to cover up their cons, but now it’s an indispensable fashion outfit of the discerning girl who wants to change herself. When you step into the hair salon or fashion stores that specialize in colorful wigs looking for colourful haircuts, how many styles are you hard to guess the wig made of?

As you know, the wig now has two main types, which are wigs made with real hair and synthetic wigs. Previously, wigs were mainly made from human hair after they were acquired, but due to the rising human life demand for beauty, it also grew by making the source of the real hair very quickly exhausted. Then, with the intelligent human mind created the wig made from synthetic silk that cost cheaper than the wig made from real hair. Moreover, people also create high-grade thermogenic wig If at first glance, we hardly realize where it is made of real hair wigs, where is the high-heat resistant wig.

In addition to the real hair strands available, to create the wig, people need the right fabrics to do “scalp” and the SA, silk, thin, tough, durable to knit, the hair will not mess and reveal.

This kind of exotic material has softness, supple, it is attractive even without processing. Before taking out the color eraser, as a wig said, the hair phase was brought to a few that lasted for over a month. In the factory in the whole manual, then switch to another color phase. Each life has its own secret to creating beautiful, silky hair.

Because each person’s needs are different so the wig made of synthetic fibers will also have different types to suit each person.
Synthetic wigs that are different from hair wigs are not too much effort to take care of and can keep the style regardless of the weather. So, the synthetic wigs are made of nothing but a good effect.

Synthetic wigs are made of good quality plastics, usually polyester, acrylic, or polyvinyl. All these fibers are processed to give the wig a synthetic look that is most natural. It is not a secret but in fact the wig made of synthetic fibers are less expensive than wigs made of real hair.

Mainly, synthetic wigs made from Kanekalon raw materials or the Toyokalon are imported from Japan. This raw material is used mainly for hairdressing, woven-hair wigs and doll hair creation. Kanekalon also has a variety of colors, styles and textures that make it easier to style than a wig.

Synthetic wigs are specially designed to eliminate conventional styling and make the look reasonable. Made of fiber quality, synthetic fiber wigs are available in a number of colors and sizes to meet women’s fashion requirements. Some manufacturers mix artificial fibers and human hair to get a most natural synthetic wigs.

The way that causes synthetic fiber wigs to look natural, is that they are used in single fibers, monofilament fibers or in combination with two or three acrylic fibers, polyfilament or polyester used to create some strands of hair. The wigs and the more connected wigs are made from synthetic fibers, cheaper than similar items made from real hair.

High-grade thermogenic wig is a type of wig that can be styled with hot-tempered appliances. Unlike traditional synthetic wigs, the thermal-friendly synthetic wigs have a sustained style. After they are moist and dry air, they will return to their original shape without the need for styling.

High-grade thermogenic wigs They can be tangled if excessive or bare on the couch. Only a few months of use they do not use long as real hair wigs or wigs with traditional synthetic filaments.

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