Do you know how to dye your wig to good and beautiful color? And to do this it requires technique, as well as an understanding of the wig line. Today we will explore this issue with you.

Not all wigs are dyed
There is a very few facts who know that no wig can be stained. Many girlfriends default that it can be colored, but because each material makes this wig model, it will specify how to dye as well as the ability to warm up the dye.

Specifically, we have the separation of the wig into 3 groups: real fur wigs, artificial silk wigs, and from plastic fibers. These 3 types only hair lines from plastic yarn can not dye you nhé, because the ingredients are plastic yarn, completely unwarm the drug so no matter how long you can not color.

The other two are the hairstyles and wigs made up, and the feathers in the real hair will be incredibly colored, since its essence is 100% natural hair, so you can choose a color. However, artificial wigs are less beautiful than real fur, with an unusual color. So if you choose to dye your wig at home, you should use real hair wig to ensure your aesthetic.

Next we discover how to dye the wig at home so that you can change the look of your wig. The sequence of the dyed wig will go through the following steps:

If you do not buy a drug before annealing, you can incorporate your wig right at home. Mixing billions evenly between squid and alcoholic water, you can choose the color to dye depending on the preference, then shake the mixture evenly. The amount of water usually varies from 30 – 40ml depending on the thickness and length of the wig pattern that you are dyeing.
You can increase the amount of water to output the color of Italian, slightly skewed in a direction lighter than the original selected ink. There is a simpler way for you to get the ink color used by the ink pen, using the inner ink core soaked in the water tank.

Color Staining procedure:
After you have obtained the wig dyed inks with the same tone, we will proceed with the dyeing process. A note for you is to choose the wig with cool tones that will easily dye up the color than black, brown, blue, red tones.
Next choose where there is light to dye, with the purpose of accurate observation of color. Lining or masking the hair to avoid wires. Then, build the wig on the head of the salad to begin the dyeing process. Wear rubber or plastic gloves to start the dyeing process, it’s like people work at Salon hair when you go dyed.

Spray the dye on the part of the hair, usually sprayed from the front, to see the color then canopy evenly out the area around the hair. Use your fingers to gently make astringent dyes, so the color is not tangled. Remember when the body and root of hair should dye more pills and hands to deepen the color to avoid staining. When staining the whole head, observe, then use the comb evenly, making a dye for hair color.

After staining, let it come into contact with the sun to dry naturally, completely not dried nhé. Then, when it is dry and evenly colored, you can clean it with water, then the drying must have obtained a full range of colored wig samples.

So that we have learned together about how to dye a wig, hoping to help you be confident to dye your hair at home, change the look with this beauty product useful.

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