To dye fastness of hair care, you not only choose the appropriate shampoo but also pay attention to the daily shampoo routine. If you do not want your hair to become faded and worn, please remember carefully the secret of dyeing hair care health and beauty nhé!

With a dying regime appropriate care, you absolutely can keep her hair is always shiny and smooth. Here are 21 ways effective dyed hair care that you need to know to maintain the dye and hair health.

1. Consider carefully before choosing to dye
Red hair tends to fade quicker because they contain molecules largest color. Molecular size will cause difficulty absorbing red hair into the hair so it will fade more quickly. If you dyed red, thanks dyers dye pick up of high color and cause less harm to the most hair slightly.

2. Use moisturizer dyes
Dyes can make hair become dry more fiber, which absorbs hair and secrete more oil. This oil can dissolve the molecules of dye.

Before dyeing hair, ask hair dyers use high quality dyes have the ingredients moisturize the hair. Dyes with natural oils will help maintain moisture to your hair and the hair will look healthier, shinier. In particular, the dye does not contain ammonium is a very good choice for your hair there!

3. No shampoo immediately after hair dyeing
After dyeing the hair, you should wait at least 48 hours or maybe longer to shampoo. If possible, please allow 3-4 days after the new dyes to color wash up better with time. This patience is an important condition for extreme care that hair dye fastness!

4. Care with dry shampoo hair dye
To keep hair always looks fresh dye, pick up hair and spray some dry shampoo on the hair roots to absorb grease. The dyed hair care not only helps the hair is not flat but longer retain the dye.

5. Avoid dyeing hair gets wet in the shower
In those days no shampoo, use a hood to keep colored hair does not get wet in the shower. You can also loose bun, high pony tail column to prevent hair being exposed to water. Hair gets wet hair will fade very quickly.

6. Hair Care shampoo lazy dyeing thanks …
This is a simple dyed hair care and most effective way to prevent color fade. Shampoo routine about 2-3 times / week or at most every other day will help maintain natural oils protect colourants. This will help extend the dye and make sure your hair healthy and shiny.

7. Use a shampoo specifically for colored hair
when shampooing hair dye, you should note that the use of shampoo protects the hair color. A good shampoo helps maintain your hair color longer and increase physical strength to the hair.

8. Care colored hair with cool water
should you wash your hair with warm water or cool water. Hot water will cause the dye fade faster because hot water will make the surface of the hair open, making the dye molecule drift out. So do not forget to adjust the temperature just right before shampooing slightly.

9. Hair Care conditioner with dedicated dyeing
If possible, you consider to avoid using shampoo and conditioner should use moisturizer for hair dyeing. Shampoo can make hair color more easily fade conditioner.

Additionally, you use special conditioner for dyed hair care. Conditioner will help your hair color look brighter and more toned. Some products contain oil discharge Tahitian Monoi oil and seed oil may help limit Ojon fading and creating protective layer on the hair dye.

Even if your hair strong and healthy, you should still use a conditioner for the hair ends. You start using hair conditioner from the ear and extends down the tops.

10. Avoid products containing sulfate
Substance sulfate pigment can fade very quickly, so you should look for a shampoo that does not contain this ingredient. Moreover, sulfate salt can remove moisture in the hair. This is one of the main causes of hair dye fading.

11. Do not use shampoos labeled “Clarifying”
Shampoos labeled “Clarifying Shampoo” is a kind of shampoo special effects wash dye because it contains harsh detergents, helps deep clean and remove dirt, chemical products matter. Therefore, you should only use the shampoo again when going for the first time or dyed dyed hair.

12. Care cream colored hair by hair brewed
To add shine, take special care to dye his hair once a week with intensive cream hair brewed at home .

Please apply creams to hair incubation time and hair brush wet hair from root to tip. Then your hair bun and wrapped up in a soft cotton towel for about 30 minutes. After incubation, simply rinse the hair has a more polished and smooth.

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