Knowing that the straightener have been exposed to chemicals such as dyes, stretching, medication bending, making hair susceptible to damage, but the woman is hard to resist the demand for change hairstyles.

Like makeup, change hair style is very hard to limit demand. Sisters always had a very healthy hair to make hair styles I like and not have to worry about damaged hair. Beautiful and healthy hair, you need to know how to care for hair after bending, stretching or staining.
Hair fibers are formed from the material is original hair germ cells located in the bulge of hair. Under the impact of many factors (neuroendocrine, nutrition …) the hair germ cells will enter the process of speciation. Some split into hair core, others divided into bags, sheathed and other structures to form a complete hair.

Normally, hair dyes contain ingredients made open hair cuticles and makes hair soft. Then, the hair dye in combination with oxygen-induced dyeing aid chemical reactions take away the pigment melanin – the natural color of the hair and put in the colored particles in the core of artificial hair. Hair bleaching method is also used chemicals take away the hair pigment melanin to achieve the desired level of color.

Dyeing and bleaching hair have in common is both normal structural break of the hair, making hair was thin and weak the medicine bending of elements likely to open the cuticle, to drug absorbed into the core of the hair and temporarily cut off the link between fiber hair for ease easy to change the shape of the hair. Then your hair will continue to be exposed to chemical fixation to heal the hair fibers, shaped and retains the shape curls. Also use chemical straighteners is to cut the link between hair fibers and presses used to straighten hair.
Compared with dyed hair, bending and stretching are not receiving artificial color particles in the core should be less damaged hair caused by chemicals. However, broken hair structure and are subject to a physical impact in the process of bending, straightening.

Extent of damage will increase many times if you have to go through 2-3 hair method of hair at a time. The fact is that in order to save time and to quickly get a nice hairstyle, usually sisters or bending or stretching dyed dyed simultaneously.

If say, the hair would say?
If well cared for from the outside, with the stability of the neuroendocrine and germ cells the hair grows well from within a hair’s normal can live up to 7 years and a hair follicle may have 20 cycles hair grows to a lifetime period.

However, due to factors neuroendocrine unstable (usually occur in the postpartum period and pre-menopause – menopause) plus the impact of chemicals when the hairdresser should lifespan of hair was short again , hair pieces are weak, rapid loss of elasticity and loss.

So, if say, the body hair would expect stable neuroendocrine, limiting exposure to chemicals and how to care properly.

If you often change hairstyle, hair color, hair care you should rely on the level of damage. Level of damage caused by dyeing, bleaching, bending, stretching is evaluated according to the frequency of contact with chemicals.
If hair is damaged at Level 1 (low-gloss hair and dry, tangled and difficult to comb prone) you just hair care outside using natural methods such as hair conditioner with coconut oil, olive oil …

But if hair is damaged at levels 2 and 3, dry hair, fibers, split ends and especially shed much (more common in the hair dye coated silver often), the way hair care need more particularly, not just stop at the external method, but should be combined with additional methods specific nutrients for the hair from within for male or female. Even if owning wispy hair, you should add these nutrients to the hair before and after the use of chemicals to change the hairstyle.

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