Possessing a beautiful, thick, silky hair is always what every girl desires. But how to keep the wig with hair really beautiful is what many people are interested in, because not everyone is skillful and knows how to properly care for hair. Let’s take a closer look at BEAUTIFULHAIRSTORE.COM on how to wash the standard wig without tweaking.

Share how to wash your wig properly to help the hair always look natural

Step 1: Choose a suitable product for your hair
Use warm water, choose shampoo or conditioner less detergents, so choose a variety of nutrients that will help the hair after washing finishes look smoother.

Step 2: Mix shampoo with water

Once you have selected the right shampoo, you pour some oil down into the water basin and dilute it, avoiding direct pouring on the hair.

Step 3: Fold your hair and dip into the water

This is the step that many of you are most prone to mistake, as most people will think of the shampoo or toilet cleaning simply choosing the right shampoo and so on for the hair to clean and dry. But the correct way to wash your standard wig without tweaking is that you need to fold your hair and slowly dip into the water.

Step 4: Squeeze gently to clean

You use 2 hands, one hand holding the upper part of the hair, a slight squeezing the bottom hair to slowly remove the dirt from the hair, especially without the messing hair. Then you drain again with clean water.
Soak your hair in diluted water or wash it for about 20 minutes before your hair is smoother and softer

Step 5: Drying HairPrepare a cotton towel to saturate the dry hair after washing, gently saturate the hand and let the hair in the horizontal way avoid confusion. It is then possible to use clothes hooks, drying wires or chairs to get the hair dry naturally.

With 5 simple steps and very easy to do, just remember a few small notes is already know how to wash the standard wig properly according to the instructions of the hair experts coming from https://beautifulhairstore.com/

Turn on small tips to wash your wig for girls

For the easy-to-comb and smooth hair that is before washing, you let the hair soak in shampoo and diluted water for about 15-30 minutes then the beginner shampoos. In addition, the hair is easier to comb than you should to straighten the hair and comb in the water horizontally, hair while in the water will be easier to comb.

After getting the towel to remove the water and dry, avoid direct sunlight, avoid the wind, you spray a little oil to get more durable hair.

Some mistakes when washing the wig makes the hair dry and simple
What to use: This is considered one of the mistakes when taking care of the wig, it will be no surprise that you let your hair use any shampoo or conditioner as long as it is close to your reach , even a lot of people also shampoo the wig like washing clothes, the use of cleansing water is completely misleading.

Shampoos as Laundry: washing and washing are very different, especially with real hair wigs, you think it is your hair, so it is not possible to manipulate such a laundry that is for the hair in the water and , so the hair is messed up very hard to remove.

Comb the hair is always: one of the wrong way to wash a wig that many of you have acquired is the choice of the comb is not suitable, the small tooth comb easily causes hair breakage, combing when the hair is just picked out

Using a hairdryer: Hot dryers, big winds can all make your wig messed, more dry. Limit the use of hair dryers to dry hair, it is best to dry hair naturally.

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