Hair trends always update the new hairstyles to meet your beauty needs. The fluffy curly hair is always dominant. What is hair curls to charms, curly hair with personality, modern, gentle curly-tailed hair,… It all makes a collection that you must be enchanted. But to own the beautiful curly hair salon, you spend quite a lot of time, moreover the hair is affected by heat and chemicals so it is vulnerable to damage. So the way to make curly hair naturally is not chemicals are now very interested sisters.

Along with BHS, learn how to make natural curly hair with ease without worrying.

1. Make curly hair naturally using batches.

With the curly hair, the use of the lot is no stranger, because when the hair lot will help the curls become sticky, more fluffy. How to do it again is simple:

– Divide the hair into two equal sides and comb for the hair strands without confusion. You can book a lot when your hair is slightly moist to make it easier.

– Gently divide the hair into smaller curls and use a large plastic batch to set the hair in the direction upwards and fixed.

– Depending on whether your hair is thick or thin to use the appropriate amount of batches. If you want all the curls, you must divide your curls evenly and take your hands so that your hair will not be removed from the plot.

In this way, you can plot during bedtime, or lot while at home. To keep the curls long, after removing the plot you should use a little extra hair oil! Wish you success with this simple natural curly hair styling.

2. How to make your hair wavy with a hair.

You love the modern but well-frilly hairstyle that doesn’t want to be done by the fear of hair damage, this natural curly hair will overcome that restriction. You only need a few pairs of T-shirts and skillful hands to “turn” your hair into impressive water waves.

– Comb the hair and divide it into 2 or 4 equal parts. It is also recommended to make when your hair is still moist for better curly curls.

– The hair is styled in 3 lines to the end of the hair and column with Wire Chun. Wait a few hours or you can go to bed to brighten up the pigtails.

– Remove the elastic band and gently remove the curly curls and use a slight swipe finger to get the natural curly hair. For curly curls to be longer you can squeeze the hair over the top of the oil.

3. How to make curly hair with crab clips.

It seems that in your handbag there are at least  handy hairpin tool. And use the tweezers to curl the tail very efficiently.

– Comb the hair and spray a little glue to keep the hair longer.

– Use hands to tie the hair to the top of the head, twisted and roll into bun. Use the grip to fix the hair of the bun to not be deflected.

– You leave the night or wait a few hours and remove the bun. Surely you will be surprised with this easy natural curly-haired way.

4. Make small curls with a handkerchief.

Easy to do, not afraid of damage that is the greatest advantage of this natural curly hair styling. If you want to refesh your hair with small curly-haired curls, the note is now done below:

– Comb the hair and split the hair into 3 equal parts: left, right, middle.

– Fasten the towel into the curls to close with the head, knot in the center of the towel.

– Divide the hair into two other small curls, each wrapped around a piece of towel. Use the fixed tail band.

– You leave the hair so asleep overnight, the next morning gently unleash it. Spray a little glue, use your hands to swipe the curls to naturally beautiful curly hair.

5. How to make curly hair with socks.

Can you be surprised by how to make a natural curly hair? So don’t hesitate to do it right now.

– Hair spray, comb and split hair into 2 parts: top and bottom.

– Set the hair tail (upper hair) in the middle of the socks. Then roll the hair up (like rolls). Attention, you should scroll evenly and chop your hands so that the hair does not get out.

– When the head is rolled, use two of the socks. Do the same for the hair under the nape.

– With this way you let your hair sleep overnight, the next morning wake up to see the difference Nhé.

6. Make natural curly hair with paper.

This must be a natural curly hair that makes you quite a surprise? But do it to see the interesting results right here.

– Put the tail papers, twist the papers in the long shaft so tight and not be separated.

– Then wrap it around the head, leaving the hair down. Tie the two heads together with a small wire. Like Vietnamese traditional towel.

– Spray a little glue on the hair then comb the hair smoothly.

– Wrap the curls around the paper core from left to right or vice versa.

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You leave such hairstyles overnight and am waking up to change the interesting change of hair.

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